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BMW M3 2010 -

BMW M3 is still being build, but the objective is to race with it in the beginning of 2011. We didn´t want to rush with the build and drove rallies in the meantime with a Peugeot 206.

Opel Astra 2010

Opel Astra came to us in exchange to the 16v Peugeot 206. The group F Astra will serve mostly as a back up car for the BMW M3.

Peugeot 206 16v 2010

A bit more powerful 16 valveversion compared to the first 8 valve 206. Peugeot continued it´s journey to its new owner in November 2010.

Peugeot 206 8v 2010

BMW M3 we built a Peugeot 206 suitable for so called stock 1600 class. The 1,6 litre Peugeot turned out to be so much fun when comparing price/fun ratio that we bought a 16 valve version after we sold this one.

BMW 325 2007 - 2009

During 2007-2009 we raced with a 1993 BMW 325 Coupe. Mikko bought the car from Sweden in the beginning of 2007 when it was a normal road car. More info about the car in sub category About BMW.

Opel Manta 2005-2007

During the 2005-2007 season Mikko was racing with a 1983 Opel Manta. The car has a long and succesfull racing history.

Opel Manta -83

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